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 >> … that does not bode well for the recent rash of reopenings that have been urged by some politicians


> Some politicians may have their views, but over time, the citizens who are not politicians are increasingly deciding their lives must go on. 


>…That could very well be true, but it doesn't change the fact that if this study is correct it doesn't bode well for the recent rash of reopenings … then it also doesn't bode well for the politicians that advised people to go back to business as usual when the election is held in late fall.  John K Clark



It isn’t about elections.  It is about who pays for government.  It doesn’t matter if it is this party or that party if all they are doing is figuring out which government employees go out the door in what order.  It doesn’t even matter what form of government runs a country: in the long run all the same economic forces are at work: businesses (all over the world) create wealth and pay some of that to government.


In the US, federal government revenue is way down.  They respond by cutting back on support to states, but state revenues are also way down, so they cut back on support to counties, but county revenues are way down, so they cut back on support to city governments.  Some cities get a cut of sales tax (mine does) so they defy county shutdown orders (as mine does.)


Governments at all levels are being reminded of who pays the bills and how they pay the bills.  It doesn’t matter which party is doing what: all the same rules apply in the long run.




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