[ExI] Summer weather and COVID-19

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> It isn’t about elections. 


If the Harvard study is correct and a second wave of disease breaks out in early fall (and I sure hope it isn't correct because I could be in that wave) then the politicians who are now telling people to stop whining and just get back to work …


John K Clark



OK I see why we perceive things so differently.


Politicians do not have any authority to compel people to either stop whining or to get back to work.  Politicians have a limited authority to tell them to stay back from work, and no authority over whether or not they whine.  Their power is one-way and limited.  They closed businesses for a while, which turned out to be mostly advice rather than any legal authority (I don’t know of any state legislatures which passed laws enforcing governor’s orders (were there any?))


If the virus comes roaring back in the fall (a very real possibility) governments may strongly advise a new lockdown, but they will likely find they cannot or will not actually enforce it (governments everywhere will be having serious reductions in force by then (because of the current lockdown.))  More businesses will just stay open out of necessity.





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