[ExI] Summer weather and COVID-19

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> > *Politicians do not have any authority to compel people to either stop
> whining or to get back to work. *

Nobody worker been sent to the gulag, at least not yet, but Republican
politicians want workers fired if they refuse to go back to work, and
getting fired during a pandemic is really scary because in the US if you
don't have a job you don't have a health plan. To make matters worse
Republicans have threatened to deny unemployment benefits from any worker
who refuses to go back to work because he feels its unsafe, and have also
pushed for new laws that prevent any employer from being sued if one of
their workers gets sick or dies from unsanitary conditions. People will
remember that and it could make a difference on November 3, assuming the
election is not canceled by politicians who figure they won't win.

 John K Clark

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