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 > Politicians do not have any authority to compel people to either stop whining or to get back to work. 


>…From history we have learned that dictators don't have the legal authority to do a lot of stuff, but they do it anyway. That's the difference between a law of nature and the law of the land…


That’s why we don’t have one here.  Aren’t you glad we have a constitution?  We are too.


> Ja.  We have a constitution.  Aren’t you glad we have a constitution? 


>… I'm much less certain we still have a constitution…


No worries, John.  I am certain enough to carry the both of us.



>… but Republican…

> Campaigning again John?  Here?  Why?


>…Because it's a fact that Republicans want workers fired…


How do you know the business owners who must hire people to run their factories and shops are any particular party?  Do offer evidence please.


It doesn’t matter which party is in charge.  We know that US governments at all levels are going to be dealing with a huge reduction in revenue in the very term.  I don’t see that it matters which party is in charge of tightening the belt: either way it has to happen.


>… Trump issued a Executive Order on April 28 and ordered people to go back to work…


Executive orders do not apply to people who do not work for the government.  Here’s the order:




I read thru it.  I don’t see anything in there about ordering people to go back to work.  This order is about delegation of authority, which contradicts your early comment about dictators.  We don’t have one.  If we did, he would be collecting authority, not delegating it.  We have a constitution.  Aren’t you glad of that?  We are too.



Executive Order <https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-delegating-authority-dpa-respect-food-supply-chain-resources-national-emergency-caused-outbreak-covid-19/> 


 >…To make matters worse Republicans…


> Campaigning again?  Here?  Why?


>…Because it's a fact that Republicans…


Campaigning?  Here?  Are there even any ExI readers who live in Florida or Ohio?  Those two states are going to tip the balance this time, the only two big swingers in the bunch.  I don’t know if we even have anyone who doesn’t already live in a free state here.


>…Right, so unless you own a guillotine factory you'd want to avoid a revolution that could cause a lot of unpleasantness…


John, there is something wrong with your model.  You insisted this big revolution would happen before now.  I don’t see it.


> Campaigning again John?  Here?  Why?


>…Because it's a fact that Republicans want…


Campaigning?  Here?  Didn’t you retire recently?  You should go into politics.  That seems to be your passion these days.  


> politicians do not have the authority to cancel elections. 


>…You keep saying that!...


I sure do.  It is still true.  Authority is intentionally limited in the US.  If politicians could cancel elections, they would.


>…I know perfectly well that politicians do not have the authority to cancel elections…


So why do you worry?


>… but I also know that historically nearly every dictator…


That’s why we don’t have one.  We have a constitution.  Dictators can cancel elections.  Elected leaders cannot.


>…who ever lived started out as a politician or a military guy who canceled an election, or declared the results of an election to be invalid, or arranged a staged show election and got 99.99% of the vote.  John K Clark


The above is further evidence we don’t have a dictator.


John worry about something real, sheesh.  We have plenty of real stuff to worry about currently.  Regardless of government orders, businesses and shops will open anyway, and are already opening, such as Musk’s local car factory.  This could trigger a new wave of the flu.  Worry about that instead if you really need something to worry about.



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