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* > a copy is not possible, and that a "good enough" copy is not "good
> enough" if your consciousness cannot access it. *

You've got it backwards, your consciousness does not access your brain,
your brain produces consciousness. Mind, aka consciousness, is what a brain
does. That's why neither "Rose" nor "Regina" are nouns, they are both
adjectives and synonyms for the same attribute.

*> Magical thinking is NOT involved in my descriptions. I think it is
> magical thinking to imagine that your consciousness will leap over into
> another, separate agent that has a copy of your neural data. No one yet has
> said how that will happen, even though I have asked that question a
> grillion, maybe even a brillion times to this list. That's a lot of times.*

First of all I've told you a trillion times not to exaggerate. Second of
all consciousness does not leap from one brain to another and doesn't leap
at all; but if consciousness is just the way data feels like when it is
being intelligently processed, which it must be if Darwinian Evolution
managed to produce a conscious being like me, then 2 brains processing
identical information will be producing an identical consciousness.

*> May I say, throwing up ad-hominem objections, such as positing I have
> not explained my reasons when I have or saying I indulge in magical
> thinking when I do not, is not a studied and thoughtful parry. It is more
> of a drive-by opinioning. *

I think you're being unfair to Ben Zaiboc, he was attacking your ideas not
you personally.  And Rose the man was right, your ideas about encoding
information non-physically and the distinctions about when you are you and
when you are not you are unscientific and aren't even consistent.

> *And, ps, I think this is a very important consideration for the cryonics
> community.*

It is indeed very important, and this relic of 19th century vitalism is
epidemic even at Alcor and is holding back progress, so they still haven't
switched to a preservation process that is demonstratively superior. I can
only hope that the old process is good enough.

John K Clark
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