[ExI] Deficit spending and never admitting you were wrong

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*  >>> Our laws now protect everyone. *
>>> >>Then why do drug addicts still exist? John K Clark

*> That, to me, is an astounding question.*

Those are the best sort.

*> Have you ever had an opiate high?*


  > *Or any other kind? *

I don't take happy pills, and I've never even had a marijuana high. I have
taken a few drinks in my life but I found that all it did was make me
stupid (some would say it just made me stupider) so I cut that out.

*> If so, you must be able to see that some people,like me and alcohol,
> cannot moderate it,*

My question was if laws against opiate use protect people from opiate
addiction then why do we still have opiate addicts.  The war on drugs
doesn't seem to be going very well, I think it's time to call for an

John K Clark
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