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Same with public parks: homeless people move into them.

And get moved out.


>…I once again propose a law that the homeless must accept shelter if available (if it meets certain requirements, the lack of which are common reasons to avoid shelter, such as protection from abuse), and if they refuse, are automatically candidates for confinement to mental health facilities until such time as they will accept shelter (that meets said requirements)…


Adrian there is no legal structure will would support putting homeless shelter eschewers into a mental facility.  The California state supreme court decided this back in the 70s.  People are sometimes travelling on foot or bicycle long distances.  They aren’t crazy.  They aren’t even necessarily on dope (granted those are two common reasons they are out there.)  Currently we have skerjillions of them camping along freeways (I went thru Portland last week (oh mercy.))  I see no easy or clean solutions happening anytime soon.


>…Paired with this law would be requirements for local governments to provide and maintain shelter (with said requirements)…


The county bought and converted a local hotel for homeless.  It was filled within minutes.  It didn’t put even a dent in the homeless problem around here, not a noticeable one.



>>…Result: I can easily imagine new demand for a car with a kind of emergency toilet.


>…In most cases, this is also known as an RV….


Ja I am looking at a subset of an RV.  Usually those built that way are made from full-sized vans.  I am thinking of moving that concept down a notch so that the vehicle is a practical daily commuter while being OK for overnighting along freeways, places with Walmarts and such.




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