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> googled sf homeless - 8000.  I doubt they have the space.

They don't have the buildings, yes.  Buildings can be constructed.  There
are places where a high-rise to contain 8,000 could be built within SF,
especially if the requirement is just "within city limits" thus permitting
use of the cheapest (within SF) real estate.

> And putting someone in a mental facility is very legally complicated.
> Probably each case would have to go before a judge - your solution is just
> not feasible.

suggests this would not be a substantial increase in caseload, especially
after the initial year or so to handle existing cases.

Now, hiring the caseworkers to tend to all these cases - and keep them free
of abuse, rather than just warehousing - would be a budget drag.  Thus why
my proposal allows the local government's budget to be reallocated for
them: they don't get to make the choice not to adequately fund these (which
many places would if allowed - as happens today).

This would directly result in a reduction of law enforcement labor - the
police are usually the ones who have to deal with the homeless today, and
those are not the safest encounters (resulting in higher medical costs on
average than, say, a typical traffic stop) - so this could be partially
offset with a reduced law enforcement budget.  (Which is allegedly what the
"defund the police" crowd really intends.)
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