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> Adrian there is no legal structure will would support putting homeless
> shelter eschewers into a mental facility.

Right.  I am proposing to create one.

People are sometimes travelling on foot or bicycle long distances.  They
> aren’t crazy.

Temporary camping would be one of the exceptions.  If you're just there for
the night, and will be gone the next night, letting you do just that (maybe
with a cop confirming your plans) is easier than bringing you in.

> The county bought and converted a local hotel for homeless.  It was filled
> within minutes.  It didn’t put even a dent in the homeless problem around
> here, not a noticeable one.

Yep.  Providing sufficient shelter is a big enough financial burden that
most local governments would prefer not to do it - thus the need to compel
it to be done.

Whether the funding should come from local, state, or federal government is
something that can be debated.  But it needs to come from somewhere.

This does not need some massive arcology, but just a set of \high rises
somewhere in undeveloped land, including a transit spur to facilitate
getting to employment (many of these residents, if employed at all, will
work jobs not suitable for telecommuting).  A 10,000 person capacity site
at some location within Santa Clara County would approximately solve said
county's current homeless issue (until more come by, but housing issues are
eternally a problem in any area experiencing population growth - all that
is needed at any one time is a solution for the population at that time;
more housing can be built when more people come).
outlines a similar-magnitude housing proposal.

Ja I am looking at a subset of an RV.  Usually those built that way are
> made from full-sized vans.  I am thinking of moving that concept down a
> notch so that the vehicle is a practical daily commuter while being OK for
> overnighting along freeways, places with Walmarts and such.

>From what I hear, the smallest RVs fit your description.
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