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> Don't like to be a cynic, but if you build housing for the homeless it
> will fill up immediately and more people will come from all over.  I am
> reminded of schools that were too small before they were completed.

Yes.  Like I said, population growth - even without the immigration - will
make that happen.  It is impossible to build once and solve the problem
forever, in any place that will have more people later (whether due to
immigration or just births).

What can be done, is to solve today's needs - perhaps with some excess
capacity to account for those who will come soon after.  When more people
come over time, more capacity can be built for them over time.

> "Let's all go to Santa Clara county - free housing, free food........"
>  Is there anything to stop this from happening?

I give Santa Clara County as an example.  For a single statewide solution,
Los Angeles or San Diego Counties might be more likely.

(Also, I said nothing about free food.  Undoubtedly there would be people
who come to the arcology to starve, or otherwise die.  Assuming 0.05% of
the population die in any given month - based on California's annual death
rate of about 600 people per 100,000 - the caretaking staff will be
removing about 500 corpses a month when the arcology has 1,000,000
residents.  This is enough to warrant standard procedures and equipment for
such an event, such as in-building sensors to detect when someone dies.)

> The only way I see anything like this happening is for it to be done on
> the federal level.  They can print as much money as is needed.

Perhaps, if you could get the feds to care.  Much of the GOP seems to
prefer that poor people suffer.  Though perhaps they may eventually be
reduced to the point where they can no longer block legislation.
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