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>…Don't like to be a cynic, but if you build housing for the homeless it will fill up immediately and more people will come from all over.  I am reminded of schools that were too small before they were completed…


How well I can relate to that.  Our town passed a once-in-a-lifetime bond measure to expand schools that were desperately overcrowded.  When the schools cut the last ribbon, they will be even more desperately overcrowded, but this time, we can’t pass another bond.



>…"Let's all go to Santa Clara county… 


Darwin is in Inyo County.



>…- free housing, free food…”


Sure, after a fashion.  The food is unprocessed produce, which will certainly keep one alive and even busy.  Billw, the key to attracting the crowd I envision is to give them free drugs, all of it they can smoke, eat, sniff or poke into their veins.  Take confiscated dope out there.


>…The only way I see anything like this happening is for it to be done on the federal level.  They can print as much money as is needed.  


bill w


Billw this is a common misconception, which leads directly to the kind of price increases you are seeing in the grocery store and perhaps everywhere else you spend money.  Printing money does not create wealth.  Being one who may be dependent on Social Security, you may recognize that the government printing money is equivalent to giving away ever greater portion of your fixed income.


What I have in mind is putting a million-unit housing project starting at Darwin and stretching about 20 miles south and west from there, mostly on what is now US Navy property.  The housing units would be made from converted shipping containers.  I have seen and even stayed in a hotel (in Nevada) made from a shipping container.  It can be made into 4 apartments at a remote site and hauled in.  The soil in Darwin can bear the load without modification.


The Fed cannot (without serious consequence) just arbitrarily print money, but it can arbitrarily hand over property that it owns, and few people will care if it is repurposed from a Navy test range.



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