[ExI] US ‘failed miserably’ in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan

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>>…But we aren’t having desperate war bond drives now.

>>…BillW, what changed please?


>…How do you get people interested in over 20 trillion dollars of debt?  A war they can understand.  People are dying.  The enemy is winning.The debt has no urgency about it.  Thus the one word answer to you is:  complacency.  Part of that is living for the moment.  How many of us have adequate retirement money?  Small number, I think.  That future is just too far off for people to imagine.  So in the end, it's a failure of imagination.  AGree?

bill w

Disagree at least partially.  Back in the old days, the federal government debt limit was taken seriously.  Now it is not.  It is now treated as a political football or an inconvenience or a legal relic of times past, rather than what it was designed to do: pressure the Fed to balance its damn books, as it must do, as state governments must do, as you and I must do.

OK.  So.  That failed, catastrophically.  To me that is a plain admission that the US Fed will not honor its military commitments and will eventually default on its debts as well, both domestic and foreign.  It doesn’t move me a bit to argue that it has never done this before, so it never will.  It is perfectly clear to me that it will not honor those commitments because it cannot.



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