[ExI] US ‘failed miserably’ in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 19:03:22 UTC 2021

We probably have as many submarines as there are humpback whales - enough
missiles to darken the Sun.  Just what resources do we lack?  We use
existing military personnel to carry out attacks so no extra dollars
there.  What resources are you saying we lack?

And I don't see the connection between not balancing the books and failures
to meet military obligations.  bill w

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> >>…But we aren’t having desperate war bond drives now.
> >>…BillW, what changed please?
> spike
> >…How do you get people interested in over 20 trillion dollars of debt?
> A war they can understand.  People are dying.  The enemy is winning.The
> debt has no urgency about it.  Thus the one word answer to you is:
> complacency.  Part of that is living for the moment.  How many of us have
> adequate retirement money?  Small number, I think.  That future is just too
> far off for people to imagine.  So in the end, it's a failure of
> imagination.  AGree?
> bill w
> Disagree at least partially.  Back in the old days, the federal government
> debt limit was taken seriously.  Now it is not.  It is now treated as a
> political football or an inconvenience or a legal relic of times past,
> rather than what it was designed to do: pressure the Fed to balance its
> damn books, as it must do, as state governments must do, as you and I must
> do.
> OK.  So.  That failed, catastrophically.  To me that is a plain admission
> that the US Fed will not honor its military commitments and will eventually
> default on its debts as well, both domestic and foreign.  It doesn’t move
> me a bit to argue that it has never done this before, so it never will.  It
> is perfectly clear to me that it will not honor those commitments because
> it cannot.
> spike
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