[ExI] US ‘failed miserably’ in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan

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>>…Eh, no sir.  We do not.  The exact number is not published of course, but if we started popping these things off, we would need money to replace them, lots of it.



>…We do have enough nuclear munitions to cause nuclear winter - darkening Earth's skies, blotting out the Sun's rays from reaching the Earth's surface.  This is not literally darkening the Sun, but it accomplishes the same result as far as the vast majority of the human population is concerned… Adrian



That’s all the more reason to not fire them.  We would cause nuclear winter, which would cause widespread crop failures and mass starvation, resulting in anemic tax revenues, and no China to lend us the money to rebuild our nuclear stockpiles.  Save the nukes.  They are an irreplaceable resource.




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