[ExI] US ?failed miserably? in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan

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>…Oh, and don't forget about the Russian super-cavitation torpedoes! Lol But what about drone swarms around warships, to keep them safe above and below the water? And my understanding is that far more powerful lasers will be deployed …


>…Spike, I feel like you are being defeatist, but then you are an experienced engineer so perhaps you have knowledge the rest of us don't. I personally think you don't fully grok how if the CCP is appeased and gets their way, that American hegemony will be seen by the world as coming to an end …John  


John the notion of super-cavitating torpedoes is intentional misinformation by the Russians in my opinion.  The laws of nature are stubborn things.  Torpedoes travel above the water and can also be sent in swarms just as defenders drones.  In the long run, the attacker has gained the advantage on the sea surface.


I too was very puzzled that the US military would leak the outcome of a wargame.  I don’t recall ever seeing that happen before.  Do you?  It sure appeared to be an invitation for China to attack Taiwan, a clear signal the US intended to stand down if they proceed.


One can scarcely imagine how Israel is viewing all this, and Japan must be very worried.  Africa is already well on the way to becoming Chinese owned.


How else can we interpret it?





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