[ExI] US ?failed miserably? in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan

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Subject: Re: [ExI] US ?failed miserably? in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan


>…I predict the US will go into action to fight China and defend Taiwan, no matter the risks. We will see how the wargames compare to reality! Lol The war could prove to be one of the greatest military upsets in history, or it could be an extremely bloody morale boost to a very troubled America. I think it will happen within the next five years, as supposedly does U.S. Naval Command. 


>…I have been following this subject closely online and the U.S. Navy and the Pentagon at this point are basically on nearly a war footing when it comes to preparing for a future shooting match with China. And as part of that effort they are trying to drastically speed up the design, testing and building of weapons systems. They suspect they are getting ready for conflict on borrowed time. The war drums are being played loudly on both sides of the Pacific! 




John, international rules differ from the rules of human interaction.  An example is the well-known principle that weakness is provocation.  When the value of any nation exceeds the cost to an attacker to take it, an attacker will take it.


That well-known principle has a corollary: If the cost of defending any ally exceeds the value of that ally, the defending country will not defend that ally.


The USA sent a clear and powerful message to the world by revealing the outcome of those war games.  The USA will not defend Taiwan.  The cost of defending Taiwan exceeds the value of Taiwan.


I can see why this is of particular interest to you John, for once China bites off Taiwan and several of the other eastern nations, it is only a matter of time before it sets its sights on the Philippines.  China is both patient and ambitious.







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