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Good post, Ben.  Let's start with obstacles:  speaking as a Libertarian,
just what freedoms do we need that we don't have?  My first thought is
scientific studies being hampered by government regulations (though I am
ignorant as to what these might be - I seem to recall that they eased up on
stem cell research).   bill w

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> On 13/08/2021 19:10, billw wrote:
> Here's an open-ended question for you:  what do we need to do as
> individuals (starting with improving yourself) and collectively to improve
> our world and our country?  Yeah, I know -- it will take you ten thousand
> words to do that, but can you just make a list and prioritize it?  bill w
> It seems to me that the only things that are even theoretically capable of
> resisting the current rising tide of dictatorial, oppressive and
> power-hungry regimes (not to mention intolerance) are technology that can
> empower individuals, combined with education.
> As far as what individual people can do to fight against a future dark
> age, I reckon 1) educate yourself about what's going on in the world, and
> 2) encourage others to do the same, and 3) adopt the technologies that tend
> to empower users, and shun the ones that entrap and control them, and 4)
> encourage others to do the same. Learning about, and using, Free and Open
> software would be a good start, as well as learning about, and if possible,
> contributing to, the Freedom to Tinker movement. Read cautionary tales such
> as 1984, and learn to recognise the signs of governments taking them as
> instruction manuals rather than grim warnings.
> I realise there are huge obstacles to some of these things. Maybe a good
> first step would be 0) to try to figure out how to identify and overcome
> those obstacles.
> Ben
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