[ExI] To achieve AGI, we need new perspectives on intelligence

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> “A human AGI without a body is bound to be, for all practical purposes, a
> disembodied ‘zombie’ of sorts, lacking genuine understanding of the world
> (with its myriad forms, natural phenomena, beauty, etc.) including its
> human inhabitants, their motivations, habits, customs, behavior, etc. the
> agent would need to fake all these,” Raghavachary
So Hawking's body became a prison, limiting him from "normal" human stuff.

Would we have had the benefit of his mind without that body or without that
specific circumstance?

I think it's important to ensure that our "new definition" of intelligence
does not exclude actual humans.  Ex: we could inadvertently revoke human
status from comatose patients.

It seems to me like much of the "AGI isn't real" blah blah is in defense of
human superiority in the face of our losing that apex-thinker status.  (Or
that somehow humans have an all-important soul that machines will always

We need to admit that we're still eating and abusing other animals that
show signs of intelligence... and we're starting to imagine AGI being the
apex predator in the digital world.   We're becoming prey... for a hunter
we're still building.

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