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> Henry, rap follows a progression from the big bands era, with about 20
> musicians to pay, vs rock and roll which was typically 4 to 6 players, to
> rap which is made by one person, no need of a band, for the background
> sounds are public domain.  Rap costs nothing to make.  Big bands are big
> money.
> So…  if we have no way to pay good artists, we end up with rap.

Spike, the joke doesn't get funnier with repetition. I know it won't help
make this go away, but "background sounds" aren't public domain. Rap does
need a band.

While recognizing that rap often contains the strongest second amendment
> rights sounds on the radio, it sometime also promotes murder.   From what I
> can tell, much rap contains lyrics that should cause it to be shunned, such
> as racist and sexist terms.

If you shun an entire genre, you're generalizing. Some of it is racist,
sexist, or otherwise offensive to some people. By all means, shun that
which offends you. If you don't like any of it, don't listen to it. But
don't think that disrespecting it is funny because it's not.

You make a joke. It wasn't funny. Let's move on.

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