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>…If you shun an entire genre, you're generalizing. Some of it is racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive to some people. By all means, shun that which offends you. If you don't like any of it, don't listen to it. But don't think that disrespecting it is funny because it's not.


>…You make a joke. It wasn't funny. Let's move on.





Dave, I never intended humor.  Rap is nearly free to make.  It is one guy performing with public domain background sounds.  Some of it uses racist terms.  Do explain please what part of that is humor.


Regarding generalizing: my introduction to the genre was at a Hilary Clinton campaign event where a rap was performed by JayZ.  I heard what I thought was racist terms.  In that venue I found this astonishing, appalling.  Do explain please what is OK with JayZ’s Dirt Off My Shoulder.  Why was that one allowed there?


Solution: radio stations can refuse to play rap which contains racist or sexist term, or promote murder.  That was easy: market forces clean up the problem.




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