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> Spike, the joke doesn't get funnier with repetition.
I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking.

> I know it won't help make this go away, but "background sounds" aren't
> public domain.
Actually, they are.  I believe he means samples of whatever sounds are
heard in public.

> Rap does need a band.
Rap can, and often is, performed with a one-person "band", which Spike may
be counting as "not truly a band".

If you shun an entire genre, you're generalizing. Some of it is racist,
> sexist, or otherwise offensive to some people. By all means, shun that
> which offends you. If you don't like any of it, don't listen to it. But
> don't think that disrespecting it is funny because it's not.

I believe that Spike has no examples of rap that is not racist, sexist, or
similar.  Might you please provide him with some examples that are more
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