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> there are entire industries without much in the way of copyright
> protection, such as food and fashion. Does anyone believe creativity is low
> in either of these industries that copyright protection would cure?

Food: copyright protection exists for recipes.  The food itself, divorced
from recipes, can bear creativity that is not easily copied: a given chef's
style, for instance.  Even fully automated chefs may be difficult to
exactly replicate, down to the style-equivalent, by other vendors (without
careful attention to detail that few ripoff artists are capable of).

Fashion: while one might make a case that creativity in fashion is low in
general, the applicable protection is more trademark than copyright.  In
addition, the fashion industry promotes a short obsolescence period to deal
with this problem: by the time a fashion can be copied, the latest trends
have moved on.  The designers officially don't care if you can get last
season's designs at half price: they're last season's designs, and that
"half price" might as easily be the designers selling off their excess as
some would-be competitor matching the design.
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