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> One thing that’s missing in this discussion is actual data. There’s a lot
> of supposition — to be sure, seeming reasonable suppositions like few
> artists (and their helpers) would produce art (whether film, music,
> literature, or whatnot) unless they had something like a copyright. Now
> this would seem to be somewhat amenable to empirical analysis, especially
> since there are entire industries without much in the way of copyright
> protection, such as food and fashion. Does anyone believe creativity is low
> in either of these industries that copyright protection would cure?

Fashion is already covered by copyright and trademark, although
counterfeiting is big business because of lax enforcement in the countries
making money doing it. Cookbooks are covered by copyright.
Individual recipes do get copied and passed around, but cookbooks still
sell. As for the real art of food, like fine dining: it's not digitally

You're an author, right? Are your works copyrighted or public domain? Mine
is copyrighted because the publisher required it, but I would certainly
have wanted it if they didn't. It's been pirated, of course, but still sold

What about patents? Should we throw them out, too? Who would research and
create new drugs without a cost-recovery mechanism?

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