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Y'know, Bill K, I do not care who tracks me or knows what I purchase or
where I do.  The illegal things I do I do not put on the internet.  In
fact, I have clicked on ads that I get because I searched for something
similar.  To me, that's helpful!  I am going to get ads anyway, so why not
have them be targeted rather than random?  bill w

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> >
> > Do we think that Google is overall doing good things with the billions
> they have made?
> >I think they have lived up to 'Don't be Evil' but are they doing what
> tech people want and ordinary citizens want and need?  bill w
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> In 2015, when Google was reorganized under Alphabet in a corporate
> restructure, the motto was quietly changed to ‘do the right thing’.
> <https://blog.searchscene.com/google-don-t-be-evil-motto-what-went-wrong/>
> Quotes:
> Is Google evil?
> Evil is a strong word and the simple fact that they removed this
> phrase from their code of conduct and other communications does not
> mean that they did so because they now want to be evil.
> However, it is clear that Google has struggled to stay true to its
> original motivations, with numerous scandals over the years suggesting
> that they prioritise profits over doing good.
> -----------
> Use Startpage or DuckDuckGo instead. (No tracking or profile recording).
> BillK
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