[ExI] Population growth & Life-Extension

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On 27/08/2021 01:35, Adrian Tymes wrote:
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>     Life-extension. That's how to solve population growth problems.
>     Sounds counter-intuitive ("won't that make things worse?"), but do
>     the maths. Not only will it reduce population growth, but it will
>     encourage people to behave more responsibly, and I have to say,
>     even though I hate the term, 'sustainably'.
> I'm not sure it would reduce population growth, but the rest of that 
> sounds correct - so it would at least reduce the problems related to 
> population growth.

Graph showing effect of life-extension on population growth:

This assumes that extreme longevity will reduce the desire to have 
children, which seems a reasonable assumption, given the usual real 
reason for having kids (to look after you in your dotage). Note the 
extreme difference between having an average of 2.5 kids and 2. Note 
also that 2 kids per couple is no longer 'replacement rate', as there is 
no death. Of course there still would be, but from accidents etc., not 
from ageing.

I'm afraid I can't show you the actual calculatons behind this graph, I 
seem to have lost them, and am not competent enough to recreate them 
myself, but I'm sure many people reading this are.


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