[ExI] OP-ED: The billionaire space race reflects a colonial mindset that fails to imagine a different world

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> Because it's so very much cheaper to put non-biological machines into
> space than biological ones, that's what we'll need to become if we're to
> go into space in any significant numbers. And that means uploading
> technology.

We know that space habitats are possible.  We could, today, given enough
resources, start building them.

We hope that uploading will be possible, but that has not yet been proven.
We can't upload frogs today, let alone people.  It's arguable whether we
could even upload insects right now.  Even assuming it does someday become
possible, it is not yet known if that day would be well beyond the date at
which we could have substantial orbiting colonies - perhaps even, beyond a
date at which we might need to evacuate Earth.
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