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I agree with both Brent and Bill.
I suffer from BPD which (simply put) means my emotions are usually extremes
and I'm very impulsive. I'm aware of it, I know how to cope with it, I know
how to resist impulses, I know when to keep my mouth shut, and most
importantly I knew something was wrong with me and to seek help and get the
training I needed to have some control. I'm very aware when I'm irrational
and it still takes me 2-3 days to get anger under control and think like a
rational and logical person.
So yes I agree IQ may help but only so far. Emotions are still a base level
instinctual reaction.
I think the situation, and self awareness play a big part on whether you
can help yourself or not, and whether you educate yourself, regardless of
subject matter. Which swings us back to IQ playing a part as I'm sure all
of us self-educate on any number of topics.
My latest topic of interest being negotiation vs compromise and contracts
for long-term relationships. It makes sense to me as it takes out all of
the possible mind-reading, and lays clear wants, needs, and expectations.
Off topic.
Life, emotions, thinking patterns and behaviours are all dialectic. There
is no right or wrong.

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> Just think about it:  IQ means a lot of adaptability to new situations and
> ability to generalize to new ways of dealing with problems, emotional and
> otherwise.  Ideas are just ways of thinking about something in the
> abstract.  The cognitive side cannot completely control the emotional side,
> but having more ideas helps a lot.  I have always climbed out of my
> problems by myself, with one small exception - saw a psych.  for one visit
> and decided that I could come up with ideas as well as he could.  IQ helps
> mental health - no doubt.  bill w
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