[ExI] Arrogance

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Sat Aug 28 16:41:49 UTC 2021

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>...If expressing pride in ones country is arrogance, then disparaging ones
country is just plain rude...

Well said Stuart.  I notice that we don't have masses of Americans climbing
over the wall and crossing Mexico in a desperate struggle to get to El
Salvador.  If American would travel to those places were people are coming
from, see for themselves, they would stop dumping on America and be
justifiably proud of the place.

Hat tip to comedian Bill Maher for that meme:


Well said, Bill.

>... What experiment is that? How much freedom, power, and responsibility
can a society entrust to its individuals...

Ja, that's one way to look at it.  I see it as kinda the opposite question:
how much freedom, power and responsibility can a society entrust to its
government.  In my opinion less than it has now.

>...Long live America!  Stuart LaForge

Life to America.



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