[ExI] Arrogance

Max More max at maxmore.com
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Dave, I agree.

Bill (and, please, it's "Max"), the list is less overwhelming if you take a quick high-level look. That would involve first deciding what exactly it is (or exactly enough) you're looking for in ratings of freedom. Some of those lists are based on definitions of freedom that I find useless and even backward while others match well with what I consider to be freedom -- essentially recognition and protection of negative rights. That lets you focus in on maybe two or three rankings at most so you can then drill down into their metrics.

If you really want to figure out whether freedom is increasing or decreasing, as Dave said, you have to have metrics and you have to do some work. We are not equipped with a reliable freedom-sense!

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There is little anyone can do about any of the variables (such as government spending or judicial integrity) and so I conclude:

Don't worry about it. Keep on truckin'.

There's little that can be done, but without metrics there's even less. At least such lists give people shopping for a place to live some useful information.

Someone has to worry about these things or the situation will never improve.


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