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All of which is to say that what is being taught is unavailable to the average student, who is very unlikely to take precalc.  I still vote for a class in, say 11th grade, which teaches everyday probability and everyday finance.  Most people are unaware of just how powerful compound interest is.  Oh well.  English is taught every year starting about the 7th grade, isn't it?  Most of it is useless to the average student, since grammar takes a back seat to literature.  Result;  college students don't know grammar.  Some people in our group are not good at it.  


Biggest problem out there:  nobody asked me!   bill w




Billw, the standard engineering core curriculum has been the subject of debate for the last coupla decades.  A highly credible authority made the case that the standard analytic geometry followed by 4 quarters of calculus followed by one quarter of differential equations followed by one quarter of linear algebra with one lonely statistics course tossed in there anywhere is all wrong.  He argued that the 4 quarters of calculus is too much in times when integration is done by numerical methods anyway.  We should be teaching the engineering math-core as three quarters of statistics, one based on calculus and one based on linear algebra.


I reluctantly came to agree with him.


Explanation later.



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