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> What's the agenda here? Are you actively advocating against vaccines? Your
> dismissiveness of their efficacy suggests this, but you don't outright say
> this.
Yeah, I thought it was kind of obvious.  I think the covid vaxes suck.
mRNA vaccines are cheap trash made because they take no time or development
funds.  They protect against a single protein on the virus that we already
know is prone to mutation.  They're being pushed because of pharma profit
margins, in my opinion.

Also here's a study from recently that seems to show these vaccines (pfizer
and moderna) having *negative* efficacy against omicron after 90 days.
That is, you're more likely to get omicron 90 days after your shot than
someone who doesn't have the shot.
This is not an antivax study, nor even against the covid vax; it's more
about how effectiveness wanes over time and it's in favor of boosters.  But
if you look at the post 90 day bar for omicron on the graph, the 95%
confidence interval is so far into the negatives it's ridiculous.  Note
that this is a preprint
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