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Doing it more is a good birth control device:  you lower the sperm
content.  Low sperm count is often the case when a couple is infertile.
bill w

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> > I’m reading a lot but it’s all either political, religious, or both —
> > none of which is really acceptable on the List.
> You left out sex, fortunately because the last book I finished was «Sex
> at Dawn».  Thesis: When our ancestors lived by foraging in
> Dunbar-limited bands, they were as promiscuously randy as bonobos if not
> more so; various features of our anatomy and psychology point that way.
>   Agriculture wrecked not only our physical health but our mental
> health, at least in one respect.
> An amusing observation: the pious may say that fucking for pleasure is
> behaving "like beasts", but no beast fucks nearly as often, in ratio to
> conceptions, as humans do.  So if we want to be un-beastly, we should
> fuck more, not less.
> (Not that the advice is of any use to me.)
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