[ExI] that didn't age well

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Tue Jun 8 17:12:46 UTC 2021

Owwwww, dang, that hurts.  What happens when a conspiracy theory turns into a theory?


It's real.  Here's a screenshot of the article:


Well now.  I ain't a doctah, but that whole notion always sounded plausible to me.  I posted the notion on this forum over a year ago.  The bat-sandwich idea sounded more plausible to me than an intentional leak, and I still think it is, but either way, we haven't yet discovered a likely RNA match in nature, and it has been 16 months since this article came out.

So what happens now?  Whaddya bet the Lancet never issues a retraction or apology?  Or even an acknowledgement they ever published this?  And what about the yanks?  Did JAMA or did Scientific American, or Nature, or Discover or any of the other popular science press go along with calling covid lab-leak notions just silly conspiracy theories?


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