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The part at the end about Alcor (after nice things said earlier) is completely false. I posted a quick response:

Alcor is NOT run by Humanity Plus. There is no organizational connection. Alcor is run by a its board of directors. Also, you're "some customers claim" should be: "One former employee who tried to self stolen photos and who admitted to lying in his book), claims..."

It makes me question the veracity of the rest of the story. There's a lot I hadn't heard. But it seemed to reflect several things that I have heard more directly -- the Darwin hard drive-copying incident and the recent split among them. This story has the potential to do a lot of damage to cryonics.

Those damn Russian Lenin wannabes!


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>…Spike, I sure hope you get signed up for cryonics. The people of the future would love your company! And they would really enjoy seeing you oohing and ahhing at all of their astonishing technology. That's why they will bring cryonauts back, so that they can show off! Lol  : )       John

Thanks John.

I was with a group of college friends a couple weeks ago.  The discussion came up.  I was surprised at how mainstream the idea has become.


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