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>…Right, but the hole doesn't seem necessary to me.  After all, wings utilize the "venturi" effect, without a hole in the middle of them.  Wouldn't the hole just add lots of extra mass and increased drag, to achieve the more complex structure?  Wouldn't a simple tear drop shape, without a hole, be more efficient?





Brent I interpreted that is a way to accommodate more space for batteries and more surface area for air cooling.  Batteries are efficient but when drawing power out of them at the rate required for high speed run, they also need cooling.


This design might also be partially about ergonomics.  The rider’s legs need to go somewhere.  For top speed records, it is all about frontal area and coefficient of drag, as demonstrated by this 1948 record breaker:




At first glance, the hole bike looked absurd.  But upon further contemplation, that configuration makes sense.






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"World's fastest electric motorcycle" uses radical big hole technology By Loz Blain  June 24, 2021



>...The idea is that the innovative venturi hole produces extreme reduction in air resistance and, in turn, for street use this should produce longer range, or smaller batteries, or increased speed, or a combination of these benefits,



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