[ExI] World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle

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> Right, but the hole doesn't seem necessary to me.  After all, wings utilize the "venturi" effect, without a hole in the middle of them.  Wouldn't the hole just add lots of extra mass and increased drag, to achieve the more complex structure?  Wouldn't a simple tear drop shape, without a hole, be more efficient?
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You can't argue against reality!  It hurts!  :)

According to the article they have done wind-tunnel testing to check the design.

WMC has tested this bike, Rob included, at the Horiba MIRA facility
near Hinckley, and says the concept reduces drag by an enormous 69
percent compared against "the world leading motorcycle," with a drag
coefficient of just 0.118. That's absolutely nuts. Even the mighty SSC
Tuatara, currently the world's fastest production car at 282.9 mph
(455.3 km/h), can only manage a drag coefficient of 0.279.


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