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>...You can't argue against reality!  It hurts!  :)

>...According to the article they have done wind-tunnel testing to check the

WMC has tested this bike, Rob included, at the Horiba MIRA facility near
Hinckley, and says the concept reduces drag by an enormous 69 percent
compared against "the world leading motorcycle," with a drag coefficient of
just 0.118. That's absolutely nuts. Even the mighty SSC Tuatara, currently
the world's fastest production car at 282.9 mph
(455.3 km/h), can only manage a drag coefficient of 0.279.



This makes sense to me.  A gasoline engine very necessarily has an
aerodynamically dirty surface: the radiator.  That cannot be streamlined.
Its frontal area cannot be reduced beyond a point: that motor just hasta
dump a lotta waste heat into the air.  There is no other known way.

The electric bike doesn't need to be in thermal equilibrium for top speed
record runs: it is OK if those batteries heat up.  That advantage doesn't
really apply to the gas motor: those have a narrow optimal performance band
for temperature.  The radiator keeps it there.  

A battery bike could start cool, make a high-speed run, batteries end hot,
they have up to an hour to let them cool before attempting a second run in
the opposite direction.  Traditional rules for top speed records: two
passes, both directions within one hour.

I won't buy one of the hole bikes.  I sold my last sport bike 15 yrs ago and
decided to not ride those anymore.  Still have my touring bikes.


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