[ExI] World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle

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Fri Jun 25 19:37:16 UTC 2021

On Fri, 25 Jun 2021 at 20:19, spike jones via extropy-chat
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> This makes sense to me.  A gasoline engine very necessarily has an
> aerodynamically dirty surface: the radiator.  That cannot be streamlined.
> Its frontal area cannot be reduced beyond a point: that motor just hasta
> dump a lotta waste heat into the air.  There is no other known way.
> The electric bike doesn't need to be in thermal equilibrium for top speed
> record runs: it is OK if those batteries heat up.  That advantage doesn't
> really apply to the gas motor: those have a narrow optimal performance band
> for temperature.  The radiator keeps it there.
> A battery bike could start cool, make a high-speed run, batteries end hot,
> they have up to an hour to let them cool before attempting a second run in
> the opposite direction.  Traditional rules for top speed records: two
> passes, both directions within one hour.
> I won't buy one of the hole bikes.  I sold my last sport bike 15 yrs ago and
> decided to not ride those anymore.  Still have my touring bikes.
> spike
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I think the speed record is mainly to get attention and prove the design works.
They have other more modest ideas to put into mass production.
The streamlining could double the range of touring electric bikes.
Maybe all electric bikes will have to use this design in future.


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