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I think the speed record is mainly to get attention and prove the design
They have other more modest ideas to put into mass production.
The streamlining could double the range of touring electric bikes.
Maybe all electric bikes will have to use this design in future.


I can think of a cool advantage from a mechanical design point of view:  The
top half and bottom half could be detachable.  This wouldn't be specifically
for better transportability (that is a free bonus) but rather about operator

A good part of the reason I never bought another sport bike is that over the
years engines became more compact which led to frames becoming more compact,
which resulted in most (well all) of the newer sport bikes were too small
for me, every last one of them.  I am not a big guy (6ft even) but in these
new sport bikes, my knees are in the way regardless of how I orient myself.
The bikes themselves are marvelous achievements of engineering and faaaast
as all get out.  But they got rid of weight by scaling those things down.
So anyone over about 5 ft 9 feels crammed in there.

So... imagine... a prole could get a custom top end built, then any of the
speedy bottom ends would accommodate it.  She could get a custom fit top end
(where the top half of the bike is analogous to a custom saddle on modern
bikes) and attach a monster bottom to it.  I could get one made for tall and

Notice the guy in BillK's photo.


Note the location of his knees and elbows, head and ass.  I would be
surprised if he is any more than about 5 ft 8.  If I had that bike, where
would the rest of me fit?  

But if I could get a scaled-up version, I might take up sport bikes again.


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