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spike, don't they make bikes where the driver is in a prone position?  If
not, why not?   bill w

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> I think the speed record is mainly to get attention and prove the design
> works.
> They have other more modest ideas to put into mass production.
> The streamlining could double the range of touring electric bikes.
> Maybe all electric bikes will have to use this design in future.
> BillK
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> I can think of a cool advantage from a mechanical design point of view:
> The
> top half and bottom half could be detachable.  This wouldn't be
> specifically
> for better transportability (that is a free bonus) but rather about
> operator
> fit.
> A good part of the reason I never bought another sport bike is that over
> the
> years engines became more compact which led to frames becoming more
> compact,
> which resulted in most (well all) of the newer sport bikes were too small
> for me, every last one of them.  I am not a big guy (6ft even) but in these
> new sport bikes, my knees are in the way regardless of how I orient myself.
> The bikes themselves are marvelous achievements of engineering and faaaast
> as all get out.  But they got rid of weight by scaling those things down.
> So anyone over about 5 ft 9 feels crammed in there.
> So... imagine... a prole could get a custom top end built, then any of the
> speedy bottom ends would accommodate it.  She could get a custom fit top
> end
> (where the top half of the bike is analogous to a custom saddle on modern
> bikes) and attach a monster bottom to it.  I could get one made for tall
> and
> long-legged.
> Notice the guy in BillK's photo.
> https://newatlas.com/motorcycles/wmc-2wd-electric-motorcycle-v-air/
> Note the location of his knees and elbows, head and ass.  I would be
> surprised if he is any more than about 5 ft 8.  If I had that bike, where
> would the rest of me fit?
> But if I could get a scaled-up version, I might take up sport bikes again.
> Cool!
> spike
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