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And some just love blood and guts and stomping on the faces of their enemies- money is a side issue.  Notice how tyrants let their soldiers pillage.  If I were a tyrant I'd want everything put on tables where I could select what I want!


bill w



That was part of the deal really.  The pillaging soldiers managed to keep the commander very well enriched with the spoils.  He would let them do what they would, if they made sure to cut him in on the deal.


Much of the reason communism fails is because it keeps reaching for an instinct or intuition that humans generally don’t have, or if so, in very limited amounts.  Sooner or later, lust for power and money overcomes every such attempt.


Capitalism cheerfully recognizes how humans are: we lust for money and power.  It can be power over other people or over our environment, but it is the drive which made humans such a successful species.  There is no point in working against it.  So work with it.  Acknowledge the way it is.  Use a legal system to limit any individual’s power.  Use capitalism to bring up everyone’s wealth.




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