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>>...The article also has a short 30 second video of what the future web might look like.
You will only be allowed to see what Google and Facebook permit.
Dystopia approaches!



>...BillK, that depends on who you ask.  The internet majors insist that you will have access to free and trustworthy information online.  They will be the final arbiters of what information is trustworthy...spike

Think about this: it isn't necessarily the future of information, it's the right now of information.

Consider an incident that happened in London last May.  A big outdoor party, four guys came in, shot somebody in the head, they bolted, video cameras picked up the trail, the Brits, who have invested heavily in surveillance cameras for law enforcement, followed their vehicle, the bobbies caught em.  OK good.

That happened in May.  The victim was in critical condition, still comatose two weeks later, which is the last news story we heard on her.  We heard about the shooter, who pled innocent, because no one at the party was willing to testify.  It was a Black Panther Abolish the Police party.  They aren't going to testify.  Four months later we still don't know if the victim lived or died.

I have heard (but don't know if it is true) in England they can catch the perp using video but not convict on video alone.  The USA is still struggling with that legal question, some courts going one way, some another (which brings up still more interesting questions.)  But I heard the official line in Britain is that it requires an eye witness testimony to convict (which makes sense considering they almost hung John Bates with no eyewitness evidence (and we STILL don't know for sure if he dunnit (Downton Abbey fans, whaddya think?)))

BillK, isn't that in your neighborhood?  Is the victim alive or dead?  How did all that information go completely missing on the internet?  Why cannot we find out if Sasha Johnson lived or died?  Or something kinda in-between?

That's the state of information now.  Before we can predict the future we must be able to dict the now.


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