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An interesting discussion took place in this forum a few months ago when
someone questioned my assertion that the US government does not have the
authority to compel anyone to take a vaccine.  Turns out this is true: the
US constitution Amendment 4 insures that no one may be compelled to turn
over their medical records, and it isn't much of a surprise that vaccines
may not be mandated.


However. the Occupational Safety and Health bureaucracy can require
companies to require its employees to produce proof of vaccination.


The company is not required to verify the proof is genuine, only that the
employee has proof of vaccination.


In the USA, the supply of the covid vaccine is not a problem: anyone can get
a vax at any location offering them, at no cost, even if the person has no
health insurance.  The process requires no photo ID (they didn't ask for
mine.)  This last part is important, for they cannot demand photo ID.  If a
teenage junky shows up claiming to be John Smith, birthdate 2-28-50, she
gets the vaccination and a vaccination proof card like this one:




OK then, we know that in the USA if anyone needs proof of vaccination, they
can hire a teenage junky to get that, and as far as I can tell there would
be no practical repercussions for doing that.  These are not photo ID and
they are not currency, so even if it violates the spirit of the requirement,
there are no laws broken there.  The state legislatures have not passed any
laws with regard to requiring that proof of vaccine must be proof that the
person whose name is on the proof of vaccine card is the person who took the


I learned yesterday that a vaccine card like this one, like the one I
received, can be used to enter the vaccine into one's medical record.


With all that, if we hear anyone say they suffered adverse health effects
from the vaccine they were forced to take in order to keep their job, I
would say to the contrary, no one is forced to take the vaccine in order to
keep their job.  They are only required to have proof of having taken the
vaccine, which is not required to be genuine, and cannot be, for companies
are not required to verify (and cannot verify in any case) that the card is


OK.  Once I let that sink in, I have a conjecture I will share in my next
post, some interesting data I think will come out of all this.


Commentary welcome.



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