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 >>…OK.  Once I let that sink in, I have a conjecture I will share in my next post, some interesting data I think will come out of all this.

Commentary welcome.

>…No-one expects 100% compliance no matter what combination of enticements and sanctions is used. The aim is to get as high a proportion of the population as possible vaccinated.


Stathis Papaioannou



Ja, certainly, but the data I am looking for isn’t 100% compliance, but rather what happens if the same person takes 100 vaccinations.


It hasn’t even occurred to those losing their jobs that one can just make up a fake vaccine card, but we can be sure that plenty of people did think of that and already did it.  There are no legal repercussions from it that I can think of.


Stathis, what would you speculate would happen to someone who maxes the vaxes?  At some point does the immune system start to make covid-like symptoms?  What if one is a lucky soul who didn’t even notice any symptoms?  That would be a perfect candidate for becoming a dartboard, either as a profession or as an altruistic volunteer looking to encourage the masses that it is perfectly safe.



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