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> It hasn’t even occurred to those losing their jobs that one can just make up a fake vaccine card, but we can be sure that plenty of people did think of that and already did it.  There are no legal repercussions from it that I can think of.
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>...Hmmmm.   If you do a search for fake vaccine card there are many
results saying that they are available on the internet, the FBI is impounding any found and people are facing federal fraud charges.
That sounds like legal repercussions to me.



Ja, the FBI is looking for people selling them, not for people buying them, but one wouldn't want to buy them on the internet, for that would make a data trail.  The FBI doesn't want to go to court arguing that it is illegal to own a fake covid card when there isn't a law that says we need to have a covid shot.  

If the FBI did try such a case, they would lose, for the defendant could easily point out that the vaccines are not FDA approved, that nothing developed under Trump can be trusted, that the vaccine card was needed for their job (etc.)  The jury would let them go, at worst a hung jury mistrial, and the FBI wouldn't bother with a re-trial because the same thing would happen again.  Were I on a jury, I wouldn't vote to convict anyone who had a fake covid card, and I am one who thinks those vaccines are safe.

A better and easier way would be to get the image of the card off the internet, then replace the name and birthdate with ones own, then print it on one's own printer.  No record trail.  Companies are not required to determine if the card is genuine.

Still, there is no law against some yahoo getting multiple vaccines as far as I know.  That is the data I am interested in.  People can claim to be terrified of covid and know someone who caught a month after getting vaccinated, so they are convinced they need a vaccine every week to be safe.  

In any case, it would be hard to catch someone who shows up for a vaccine with no ID, for there is no legal requirement in USA to have ID.  

Billk, does Britain have a requirement for ID?  Do they ask for ID when you get a vaccine?


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