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>…  Put in about 2/3 of a cup of green beans, plug it in and get a long stick to stir it with or the beans will go everywhere…Stir the whole time.  When you hear what is called the first crack, start counting slowly…    bill w


Hey cool, Billw, if we can work out the technical difficulties, we can make buttloads on a new snack item: popcoffee.  We take whatever seems to work for corn, do that with coffee beans.  Create a nice fluffy snack with some SNAP!  Like black popcorn, but with ATTITUDE!  Think about the applications, legitimate ones, never mind the cool gags you could pull with that stuff.


If we find out that coffee won’t pop, then we figure out what corn has going for it, do some genetic manipulations, create caffeinated popcorn.  It wouldn’t even need to be black really: Mountain Dew soda has twice the caffeine (love that stuff) but it is piss-yellow (why the marketing people thought that was a good idea is a mystery (blue is the right color for that application  (it would even rhyme (bet that would sell a lot better (sheesh my whole life was wasted on rocket scientist (tragic waste of a marketing guy.))))))


Hey the whole vaping thing is getting a bad rap.  If we can make caffeinated popcorn using some kind of genetic manipulation, we aughta be able to make nicotinized coffee, ja?  Or perhaps popcorn with both caffeine and nicotine?  


Within each of us is our own inner mad scientist trying to get out.  Eh, so mine’s ahead of yours.  And might be still more insane.  We humans may have created a murderous virus which has slain millions and continues to kill, but there should be good stuff we can do with genetic manipulation too.











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