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>…  But the NRA has opposed such things as background checks, like at gun shows, which would filter out criminals and paranoid schizophrenics.  How could a right wing org. do that?  No sense.  …

bill w



Billw the background checks would catch criminals but not paranoid schizophrenics, for there is no way (that I know of) to be convicted of paranoid schizophrenia.  Being a psychologist, you would recognize it, but it isn’t illegal to be in that state of mind, which is good, because if so, you as a professional would be obligated to report your patients you diagnosed as such, at which time they would… what?  Be imprisoned?  Or only imprisoned if they attempt to vote while being schizophrenic?  And what about states which allow ex-convicts to vote?  Would those states also allow ex-schizophrenics to vote?  How do schizophrenics prove they have served their time as schizophrenic and are not that way anymore?


These are important questions.  If one holds a top level clearance for instance, that clearance can be pulled at any time for any reason, and they don’t hafta tell the newly-unemployed what was that reason (and they didn’t usually.)


This policy has consequences.  A good example is that people in that position who damn well do need psychological care and would benefit from it will go nowhere near a psychologist or psychiatrist, even if the condition with which they suffer is well-known and curable.  A perfect example is obsessive compulsive.  Billw, if I understand it correctly there are good safe effective treatments for that now, ja?


Earlier in my life it was a constant worry, a legitimate risk to my own career to just be communicating with you guys.  Every time I went into a periodic security interview I would tell everything: I don’t know all these people or where they are from, some might be schizophrenic or criminals or even commies.  I was open and up front, they never pulled my clearance for being friends with you.






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