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>…Spike, no, schizophrenia is not illegal, but records are kept as to who has been admitted to mental institutions.  Schizophrenia of any kind is permanent…


Oh boy, Billw, this answer brings up all manner of new and interesting questions.  I do appreciate your comment, which it does strongly reinforce the notion that one should never ever willingly go to a mental health professional, regardless of need, for it could result in a permanent record which would follow the patient forever, with definite risk of harming the patient.  This appears to me to be in violation of the first sentence in the Hippocratic oath.  But that oath doesn’t apply to all mental health professionals. 


Furthermore…it’s a classic Catch-22.  If one resists being admitted for psychiatric care for paranoia, that would demonstrate sanity, for it would be a perfectly justified resistance.  To voluntarily admit oneself for psychological care then would be potentially self-destructive and insane.  But to resist would demonstrates sanity, proving that such care isn’t needed, for the patient or client is sane.  The mind boggles.


>…  Psychiatrists and psychologists have a legal duty to report dangerous people to the police, and no, this does not violate client privacy…


This too brings up a new and interesting question, because there may be people who are giving some form of psychological care without all the proper credentials, which is legal if it isn’t medical care.  What if one has a bachelor of arts with minor in psychology?  And what if… a minister judges the… client (?  (patient?  parishioner? (sinner?  (infidel?))))  as being dangerous because she does not believe Noah’s ark was literal and real, reports the flaming heretic to the police as being dangerous (to his belief system (threatens his safe space)) and then what?  Is there a particular credential or license required to be legally qualified to decide if someone is dangerous?  Or if I judge my neighbor is dangerous because she is out stumping for Bernie Sanders, can I report her with just an engineering degree since I took a class in psychology?  


What if she is not really dangerous but clearly has something seriously wrong, such as agoraphobia?  This has become common with the covid nightmare.  I am not kidding, I have a neighbor across the fence who has not been seen outdoors since March 2020, but I know she is alive because I see her silhouette on the shade and I know the difference between her shadow and her husband’s.  What if I suspect she is voting by mail while being whatever she is? 


Billw, can agoraphobia be induced by quarantines?  I think they can and I think they did in some people.




>…As for OCD, I don't know of any condition for which there is safe, effective treatment… bill w


Nor do I, but I believe such a thing exists and that some people use it effectively.




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