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> right up front, not as permissions but as acknowledgment of rights.
> >>…It is dangerous indeed to imply that the Bill of Rights can be
> rethought or legally infringed.
> >…You do realise that “rights” are human inventions, just like laws and
> morals are?
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> Stathis Papaioannou
> Ja, I consider rights to be humanity’s third greatest invention, right
> behind fire and sex.  Granted there are those who argue those first two are
> sufficiently similar to count as one, so human rights move into second
> place.

At one point humans decided that sex between people of the same gender
deserved death by fire, but now many don't, because they no longer think it
is a good idea.

1328 – Paragraph 132 of the German Law Book for Town and Country calls for
at the stake all lesbians and gay men (“those who mix with the same sex”).
In practice, a
milder sentence is at times meted out, especially to aristocrats: rapid
(decapitation by sword) followed by burning. In most cases, all documents
the trial are also burned to expunge every trace of the deed, whose very
mention is
labeled sinful. Sodomy, a word not to be uttered among Christian folk, is
linked with


This demonstrates that what is invented by humans can be changed by humans;
unlike the number of sides on a triangle, or the mass of the proton, which
weren't invented by humans and so can't be changed by humans.

Stathis Papaioannou
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