[ExI] Darw^H^H^Hcovid days are here to stay

Henrik Ohrstrom henrik.ohrstrom at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 11:31:00 UTC 2021

Here in Örebro sweden, we now have 77.6% of the population with 2 doses of
mainly pfizer or modern vaccine and an amount unknown to me Astra.

 + 80% have one dose.


 Now we begin to see the future as it will be. Based on what happens in the
community (Örebro area because that's where I live and work, with intensive
care btw.)

 Covid-19-20-21-n will stay as one of many colds. With or without
vaccination, sooner or later there will be an infectious contact with the

 Vaccinated people get a troublesome cold or worse, a common cold without
any problems. The unvaccinated will meet the vaccinated "cold" sooner or
later, not a maybe but just how long you can isolate yourself. Then it
slams and you get to enjoy a prima vista experience of coronaviri.

 Toddlers will maintain the virus in kindergarten as one of all childhood
fevers to the general delight and unpleasant death of the vulnerable.

 Intensive care right now contains an annoying number of sick people with
the autumn / school start wave already underway and those who are panting
and dying now are (drum roll) unvaccinated.

The next wave is on its way and it is chlorine in the gene pool for the
vaccine skeptics.

Darwin days are here to stay.

On the plus side, contact reduction does work, otherwise we would have
burnt through the entire population by now.
Killing a majority of our senior citizens. Mortality in covid primary
infection is >30% for +80 years old.
Would have taken care of some pension problems no?

Happy happy joy joy.

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